Shelly Hart Main Stage MC: The Power of We Symposium LIVE May 10th from Atlanta

Las Vegas, NV

Main Stage Emcee Power Of We Symposium May 10th

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Founder: Hart to Hart with Shelly
About me:
The May 10th 2019 I will be hosting The Power Of We Symposium LIVE from Atlanta. Please join me and all the guest speakers as we inspire youth world wide by sharing our own personal experience and never give up attitude. I am ...   also the Founder of Hart to Heart with Shelly I thought I would get married, start a family and live the happy ever after life. Well, that was not how life turned out. Three years into our marriage my husband was diagnosed with PSC. A rare liver disease. Through our 23 years of marriage, he has been sick 20 of those years. Talk about a test. I talk about never giving up because through these years here are some of the experiences I have been though. Having 69 cents in my bank account with a family of four, receiving foreclosure notices on our home, bankruptcy, husband having three liver transplants, second transplant failed within a week of receiving the new liver, husband unable to work due to illness, being told twice I was going to lose my husband due to failing liver, one daughter at age 5 had appendix attack and emergency surgery to remove appendix, other daughter diagnosed at age 12 with juvenile diabetes, my family not including me, betrayed by friends, and those are just a few. I started a non-profit called “Giving Hart” a 501 (c) 3 providing backpacks filled with six meals given to children in elementary schools so they don’t go hungry over the weekend. Started my own Real Estate Firm “Hart Realty”, Started “Hart to Heart with Shelly”, wrote a book “Unbreakable Faith” which became an Amazon Best Seller. All of this was done while going through all that I mentioned above. I am telling you this because life is not easy and can be hard. We all go through something in life, we all have a story. There are times when I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t I had a family relying on me and life keeps going. If I would have given up the children would not have backpacks, I would be working for someone else instead of myself, my story would not have been written, my show would not have been started. I am encouraging you to do the same. Go for that dream, write that book, be an inspiration to someone. Just NEVER GIVE UP!   Read more
Emcee | Speaker | Author | Owner/Broker Hart Realty | Hart to Heart with Shelly Show | Founder of “Giving Hart” a non-profit 501 (c)(3) | Avid Sports Enthusiast




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