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The Josh Powell Foundation was founded in honor of 1LT William Joshua Powell by his loving wife, Fabi. At 25 years old, Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma in his lower abdomen. This cancer took h ...   is life two years and 25 days later, just one month after he married the love of his life. ​ Fabi has made it her mission to create a legacy in honor of Josh using his story and vision to motivate and encourage others battling sarcoma cancer to be open about their battle, fight their fight, and Keep Going despite the odds stacked against them. This mindset creates a ripple effect, allowing the positive outlook of those facing adversity to continue to inspire others through their own personal battle. INSPIRING THE WORLD - ONE BATTLE AT A TIME. ​ JPF fulfills its mission by delivering "Powell-Packs" to newly diagnosed sarcoma patients on their first day of treatment providing hope, courage, and strength to these individuals as they take their first steps into a battle they should never have to face. Along with Josh's Keep Going statement, the Powell-Pack includes motivational and functional items that can be used on a daily basis as a constant reminder to Keep Going on the days they feel like giving up. Encouraging this positive outlook not only inspires the patient to not let cancer define them and steal their joy, it advances the mission of inspiring others through the patients own unique, personal journey.   Read more
OUR MISSION INSPIRING THE WORLD - ONE BATTLE AT A TIME We fulfill our mission by empowering the minds of newly diagnosed sarcoma patients, providing them with inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to keep going begin ...   ning on their first day of treatment. OUR INSPIRATION: The Josh Powell Foundation was, and always will be, inspired by 1LT William Joshua Powell, better known as “Josh." Josh was a strong, courageous, 27-year-old Army Ranger who battled synovial sarcoma of the lower abdomen for two years and 25 days. His battle ended on December 13, 2016, just one month after he married the love of his life. Josh's mission was to inspire others. He wanted someone to say, “Because of Josh Powell, I didn’t give up.” He fiercely believed in the power of the mind and staying positive in the face of adversity. Throughout his battle with cancer, Josh never lost hope and never stopped living. Josh continued to set goals, even after being told he was dying. Josh Powell was a warrior until the very end. “Life hands us a unique deck of cards, and how we play those cards defines us and allows us to leave a legacy defined by our actions and our words.” THE POWELLS: One month and one day after the beautiful video below was filmed, my husband's life was taken from him by a rare form of cancer called Synovial Sarcoma. For two years and 25 days, he fought for his life against this nasty disease, with me by his side every step of the way. And in all honesty, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I would give anything just to get one of our worst days back. ​ Josh and I met at a bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. I was on a girl's trip, and Josh just so happened to be down in Nashville for the day to watch football with a few of his friends. Neither of us planned on falling in love with each other that day, but we did. There are some aspects in life that you just can't control; one of those is timing. It was clear from day one that we were placed in each others lives for a reason. It was only two short months after we met that Josh was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma of the lower abdomen. He had no idea why I wasn't running as fast as I could in the opposite direction after hearing his diagnosis. The truth is, I knew what I had, and I wasn't going to let it go that easily. ​ It was inspiring to see that Josh had the most positive attitude from the beginning, and not once did he ever make me think he was going to let this "bump in the road," as Josh called it, get in the way of his life. Josh never lost at anything, and he definitely wasn't going to give up a W to cancer. Instead of letting this devastating news ruin the start of something extremely rare and beautiful, we decided to take a chance. I left everything I knew in Southern California to follow my heart, and Josh trusted me with his. By making the decision not to run from the things that scared us, we were fortunate to have an opportunity to experience something that most people go a lifetime never knowing. ​​ We experienced the most selfless, extraordinary love. A love that was deeper and more unconditional than anything we had ever known. Having a constant reminder that life is short allowed us to never take our love for granted, and that was such a gift. For me, a love like that only happens once, and that is why I am grateful for every minute we spent together, as that time will forever be burned into my memory. I will never forget a single moment shared, and I will miss him every day until the day that we meet again.   Read more



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