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Born and raised, Las Vegas is my hometown. I carry that status with pride, as I have witnessed this unique city grow and prosper into one of the fastest growing urban landscapes and real estate markets in the country. I started my ...   professional career in the booming Las Vegas hospitality industry, working in establishments both on and off the Strip. This background instilled in me the desire and ability to work with people from all walks of life, as well as an innate spirit for sincere customer service. These are traits I have brought with me into my real estate career, and continue to hone with each client interaction. Working in real estate has allowed me to integrate myself into our exciting community like never before. A few years ago I founded a community outreach program called Project Positive, designed to connect like minded individuals with charities and programs throughout our city in need of volunteers. My passion for real estate not only allows me a career that I love, but also serves as a way to connect with new people each and every day. Las Vegas is growing like never before. Our city is now a world class destination for high end luxury, entertainment, outdoor adventures and major sports. We truly have it all! If you have decided to make Las Vegas your home, you are in good company. I have watched families grow and friends achieve goals; all while growing up, learning and following my own passions in this great city. With me, you're not just getting a real estate agent, there are thousands of those. You're getting a local, someone who has dedicated their life to making Las Vegas a better place to live, all the while knowing the ends and outs of each neighborhood. I am a tour guide, volunteer, witness and student of this great town and it would be my honor and my pleasure to assist you and your family in your next home search!   Read more
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